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Posted by kris3d on 2 april 2013


In recent years there have been many different devices that can be used to browse the Internet. That is why the same website should display properly on screens of different sizes such as smartphone,  phone, tablet, netbook, pc ... and in the future, probably on all devices that  have a screen and access to the Internet like TV, gaming consoles etc.


The problem for designers who want to handle the majority of these devices has become quite serious, especially since the preparation of the site that looks good on all possible devices and configurations is virtually impossible. That is why we need Responsive Web Design.

RWD is primarily a solution to the problem of multiple resolution, a new idea or even a revolution in web design, which was began by Ethan Marcotte (photo for this article - Ethan Marcotte's book cover) known for his many publications on web standards. It assumes that the website, and more specifically its architecture, content and presentation elements change with the change in the width of the site.


In other words, your site will be sensitive to size changes of the device on which it is displayed. At the same time everything will work automatically without having to create separate versions for different screen resolutions.

One site for all screen resolutions to reduce production costs.

To create this type of page Media Queries scripts are used that allow you to control precisely what the surfer sees regardless of what device he uses - laptop, tablet or smartphone. The latter device deserve special consideration, as it is evidenced by the studies conducted by   Nielsen Institute in the U.S. by the end of 2011, that we are to buy more and more via the internet using mobile devices.


Responsive Web Design gives you the opportunity to create a page that will display properly on all devices. Responsive Web Design, however, requires a lot of attention in the design and planning front-end changes, taking into consideration many variables that affect the final look of our website.

How does it work in practice?


The implementation of a flexible web page requires a lot more work  therefore it is more expensive. Besides, you have to take into account that the situation in the Western countries looks much different.  Every 4th person commuting to work by train is surfing on the iPad or Kindle reading something, and almost  everyone has a phone with a touchscreen and browses the internet or checks email.

It is not yet practiced on such a large scale in Poland.  Therefore, it is not profitable at the moment on the Polish market. Besides, not every layout can be implemented.

Web browsers installed on mobile devices deal with traditionally prepared web pages by simply reducing their size, then you can enlarge a selected area to make it easy to read. At most, this mechanism is sufficient, but it is palliative.

Scrolling a website horizontally is not a natural thing and we should treat it as a designers error, but Internet users took for granted and are trying to get used to it.

Pages based on RWD give great comfort. With a well-designed website navigation is clear, as opposed to a small set of links set close to each other in traditional method of mobile display screens when we have to enlarge  the site in an unnatural way.

The RWD Page elements are intuitive and the architecture of the content is transparent . You have to have it in mind that there is a huge difference between using the mouse and the touch and the webpage should be prepared corresponding to the interface.

We must also take into consideration  that we are often using mobile devices to browse the internet while we are moving so it is quite important for quick, easy and fun way to get to the interesting topics, and not to lead to frustration.


Please find attached a link to Mediaqueries  page with RWD examples  : 

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